Hotel Schani

Time 2013
Location Vienna, Austria

the quartier belvedere is a new area developed around the brand new main trainstation in vienna. hotel Schani is located in the heart of this new district within a five minutes walking distance to the new main train station and to the huge parks of the old palace belvedere. we developed and designed a modern interpretation of the famous viennese style. in collaboration with the Frauenhofer IAO Institute from stuttgart, germany we implemented the latest innovations and attempts in the field of working and living environments to the design oft he hotel, mobile check-in and –out included.

a co-working space in the lobby underlines the progressive nature of the concept. the rooms and the public areas play with tradition and modernity. the famous viennese gemütlichkeit presents itself with a twinkle in it´s eye. the easy going design dusts off the heaviness sometimes found in traditional viennese establishments. we designed nearly all furniture in the hotel and casually added items from other designers and added the odd found or very old object.

the green building certification was already achieved in august 2014 and has been one oft he design targets from the very first sketches. this project shows that a strong and outstanding personality can be realized within an ambitious budget taking sustainable, economic and designorientated terms into account.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht, ivona dumitrescu