Hotel Royal Spa Kitzbühel

TIME 2008
LOCATION Kitzbühel-Jochberg, Austria

our contribution to the competition for the design of all facades of the royal spa hotel was themed around the visual interpretation of comfort, luxury and nature. the facade is structured in horizontal zones to give the building a human scale. the huge canopy welcomes the guest with a protective gesture and provides cover from wind and weather.

in the base zone we use a local paragneiss stone streaked with rust-brown veins. above the socket the public areas are mostly glazed and transparent to the landscape. the frames of the glass facade are colored in a dark bronze to visually retract it. from the inside the glazing offers a splendid view on the Alps.

the residential floors are cladded in wood and seem to float above the darker glass area of the public floor. rythzmized unfolding parapets of the balconies create a vivid play of light and shadow which creates an appearance of lightness. the colour red used in the facade makes a strong statement and adds a manorial and luxurious aura to the composition. local materials and traditional style are closing the circle and connect the appearance of the hotel to its surrounding.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht