Hotel Male Losinj

TIME 2014
LOCATION Male Losinj, Croatia

on the island of male losinj a hotelensemble is being created consisting of new wand renovated buildings. the hotels are all located around a small bay with small piers. our design covers the general layout of the whole area and a specific and elaborated design for the current main building and the adjacent villa. we rearranged and completely separated the delivery and logistics from the guest areas by locating the loading zone invisible underneath the new entrance and driveway.

the underground carpark is tucked under the natural elevation vis-à-vis the new main entrance which is designed out of natural stone walls towards the driveway and large glassfacades overlooking the bay and terrace. the new extension is placed in front of the current main building and connects the main building with the villa. the current building structure will be adapted to a five star comfort level and the existing small rooms will be merged into generous and luxurious units. because of the sloping landscape a spacious and natural lighted spa- and wellness area can be realized underneath the existing restaurant terrace in the former basement of the hotel.

the appearance of the historic and heritage protected architecture is carefully renovated to create a coherent look of all hotelss without loosing the unique characteristics of each individual building. a swimming beach club with platforms and connections to the boardwalk directly at the main hotel are completing the assets of the resort.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht, ivona dumitrescu, manuel ortner