Hotel Lackenhof

Time 2012 – 2013
Location Lackenhof, Austria

starting point for the study of a sport- and family hotel was the integration of a traditional „zweispänner“ volume in the topography of a mountain-side skiing area without dominating nature with the sheer size of the buildings. another task was to preserve the trees and plants on the site.

we developed a building ensemble which groups two curved and staggered in height volumes. a third volume is situated below the back-positioned main volumes directly adjacent to the street and contains technical appliances for maintaining the slopes, apartements for the hotel staff and a shop. in the positioning of the volumes we took efficiency of operation, short ways for the guests and completion of the existing landscape areas into consideration.

the hotel is barely visible from the street or the neighbouring hillsides – it uses a natural screen of trees on the plot as a natural blind which also frames the main entrance zone.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht, ivona dumitrescu, robert leitner, manuel ortner