Hotel Kastevelli

Time 2002 – 2005
Location Kastevelli, Ukraine

the construction of this huge complex at the shores of the black sea started in 1981 and was – still just the framing structure – stopped in 1991. for our competition contribution we used most of the remaining structure and extended it to make room for balconies and a new facade. the whole building was optimized regarding the processes of operation and functions and adapts to the demands of a modern beach resort. the lifestyle orientated hotel offers a total of 228 rooms and suites, several restaurants and bars, sport and wellness areas and a seminar center.

the extensive outdoor facilities offer sports fields, tennis courts and different beach areas. villas, serviced apartements and more restaurants can be found in the garden, too. the facade evokes the analogy of big yachts which enhances the maritime connection of the hotel. public and residential spaces are designed to provide a maximum of functionality for operations and simultaneously include the beautiful views to the gardens and the sea for the guest at all times.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht, ivona dumitrescu