Hotel Design Werkstatt

Time 2014 – 2015
Location Salzburg, Austria

we have been invited to participate in the permanent exhibition of the hotelwerkstatt in the gusswerk in salzburg to design and built a modern hotel room which is completely barrier free without compromising on design or atmosphere. we collaborate with companies like GIRA, Samsung, BOS, ROLF BENZ etc. to design a hotel room which incorporates the latest technologies for the guest without putting the technical aspects in the foreground.

the suite offers luxury without compromise and is designed to fulfill the needs of all generations. sleeping and the bed is a core competence and therefore exeptionally comfortably designed. all of the technical components and user interfaces are voice operated. the lighting adapts to different day- and nighttime conditions and activities of the guests. tv´s are integrated into the mirrors in the bathroom, doors open via touchless sensors and even a smartphone operated controlling via an app is possible.

this room inspires and impoves the stay of the guests noticeably through the customer-tailored furniture and technology. ecological, economical and egalitarian aspects have been mandatory in our design to create a healthy and sustainable environment for handicapped and non-handicapped people.


gabriel kacerovsky,andreas schicht