Hotel Altstadt

TIME 2014
LOCATION Vienna, Austria

a room lika a sketch. inspiring. timeless. exciting. the centerpiece of the room is the opulent bed with egyptian cotton, first class matresses and the softest down pillows money can buy. around the bed there is a vibrant athmosphere of improvisation. all the classic pieces are chosen after personal preferences and complemented by furniture which was designed by us. in front of the window we find „la chaise“ , the great sculpture by charles and ray eames where one can sit, read, dream…

this room gives space for thoughts and ideas. in the entrance zone we designed the free standing washstand lika a workbench. the bathroom was so small that we decided to make the shower bigger and place the vanity table outside the bathroom. sweeping lamps of paolo rizzatto are used to give an intimate reading light at the bed, the iconic „taccia“ from achille castiglioni sits on a long board which is used as the base for the minimal closet and invites the guest to use it as a bench, shelf or presentation zone for various objects.

castiglioni´s minimalistic „parentesi“ illuminates the entrance and uses a car headlamp as illuminant which connects it to our design for the swiveling mirror which is shaped like the side mirror of a truck.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht