Falkensteiner Hotel Bad Bleiberg

TIME 2014
LOCATION Bad Bleiberg, Austria

the architectural challange at the Bleiberger Hof was to create a harmonious structure combining the existing buildings with the new buildings and to double the spacial capacity. the central building structure in the middle was kept intact. the small rooms of the old hotel have been combined to bigger suites and extensions at both ends of  the residential wing made space for more rooms. the articulated body of the spa area is a formal contrast to the exciting dobratsch landscape.

the spa area forms a courtyard which protects the guests from the rough climate of the mountains and mediates the indoor with the outdoor areas oft he lavish spa. a combined in- and outdoorpool and the fully glazed facade maximizes the experience of nature for the guest. the lobby and main entrance are located one level above the spa and garden level. adjacent to the lobby the reception and bar is situated. next to the bar guests can enjoy the local cuisine in the contemporary panorama restaurant.

contrasting to the open space the restaurant additionally offers two traditional and intimate public rooms. the residential areas in the levels above feature continuous balkonys and offer the guests a breathtaking view oft he surrounding scenery. new and fully equipped seminar area offer a separate terrace and outdoor area and although it is integrated functionally in the operations of the hotel it is discreetely separated from the guest areas.


gabriel kacerovsky, christine schwaiger, andreas schicht, barbara eiden, theda meyer