Bed&Breakfast Burgenland

Time 2010
Location Rust, Germany

a 2 star michelin chef wanted to complement his existing restaurant with an innovative bed&breakfast for a younger and hipper clientele. the concept we designed is straightforward, deeply rooted in the region and full of passion. an old inn was chosen to be renovated and rebuilt. the existing dining area will be converted into a uncluttered and open space which still shows the old structure of the building. the existing rooms are very small so we decided to execute the interior like the inside of a casket.

with the proposed all-natural materials and fresh colors the rooms have a unique laid-back and modern charm. although the guestrooms are tiny the layout and design of the furniture create a spacious and lavish feeling. for the breakfast area we developed a cooled walk-in „foodidor“ where guests can take out the neatly presented food which is placed in large glass and stainless steel cabinet.

the mise-en-scène with the foodidor and the buffet combined with the quality and presentation of the food itself make the breakfast an unforgettable experience for the guest. a winecellar beneath the house and a tree covered outdoor terrace complete the amenities for the guests.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht