Barbie – the dream house experience

ZEIT 2012
Location worldwide

for the EMS/Mattel Barbie Dreamhouse Experience we designed and planned (in collaboration with EMS and Mattel) the concept, interior, furniture and exterior of the Barbie Dreamhouse which is an exhibition touring europe, asia and north america since 2013. the exhibition structure can be adapted to different outdoor- and indoor sites and ranges from about 800 to more than 2500m2 of exhibition floor. it is designed for several year use and is fully transportable.

the tour takes the visitors through different rooms, elevators, balconies to a huge entertainment zone and shop/cafe. we designed a walk in fridge-iceworld, make-up stages and walk through closet palaces which are all equipped with specifically designed furniture. the entertainment area offers various themed worlds for the visitors (paris-fashion city; a beach, a stage with tour bus etc…) and offers interactive activities by playing/handicraft/dancing etc. for the kids.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht, manuel ortner