Andel`s Hotel Restaurant Berlin

Time 2013
Location Berlin, Germany

for a competition of the existing panorama restaurant at the top of the aldo rossi built hotel andel´s we revised the current structure and interior design to create a spectacular atmosphere above the roofs of berlin. the main actor in our design is the view. when guests arrive with the elevator they enter a purposely darker and narrower zone which is framed by a wooden wall. the wall houses a built in wardrobe and a glass wine presentation wall.

the kitchen itself is in the center of the space and partially glazed to offer insight to the work of the chefs. the seats and tables are located along the facade and have a stunning view to the city and the kitchen. a part of the dining area can be separated for events without disturbing other guests.

the lighting is conceptualized to highlight different areas without compromising the view at night by the brightness of the restaurant illumination. the proposed materials and colours underline the elegant and special atmosphere of the restaurant and create a unique experience for the guest.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht