house h

Private residencies
ZEIT 2012
Location Oberdorf, Austria

our client acquired a plot with a breathtaking view and asked us to design a modern and sleek interpretation of his personal dream of living. the two main actors for this design are the view and the special topography of the site with a small hill housing a former water reservoir. we organized the base level inside the hill and arranged guest apartment, wellness area, garage etc.light is provided by the glass facade towards the garden and pool and via an integrated patio.

the upper level hovers white and bright above the black corten steel wall of the basement and completely opens to the view and the scenery. light and sight are modulated with adaptable blinds at the facade. this is a dramatic house which plays with light, different moods and the tension between open and closed spaces and is tailored to the individual routines and lifestyle of the client.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht, robert leitner