Hotel Falkensteiner Reischach

TIME 2008
LOCATION Reischach, Italy

the quality of the site can be sensed long before it is reached. the way is characterized by the scenic mountain backdrop. the plot is located directly at the foothills of the rising dolomites. the thrilling spacial tension has inspired us to choose the eitmotiv of our contribution to the competition. the residential area is sitting on the ground like a massive boulder with the individual rooms carved out of the volume. as the interior is lined with soft materials and warm colors the boulder offers shelter from the inclemency of nature as well as the comfort and warmth of an open fire.

beneath the massive boulder the soft slope of the valley flows through and extends the perception of the public areas far into the garden. local quartzite is the stone we have chosen as the material for the facade as this particular stone seems light and nearly weightless despite its astonishing density and hardness. when light hits ist surface it seems to float. the partition walls of the loggias are gold-coloured and reflect the light – referring to the hidden treasures inside the mountains. the loggias provide an emotional shell and allow the windows in the exterior walls behind to be opened.

the golden color can be found in various places inside the building which is formed as a sculpture made of stone and streaked by golden streams. lined with warm colors, fabrics and wood it ist he contrast between the rough nature and the airy comfortness which makes this project so exciting. authentic materials are the symbol of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. the purity of the concept gives room to creativity whereas sunlight and view are pulling the surrounding nature inside.


gabriel kacerovsky, andreas schicht